Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Last Day

Today is the last day of my thirty day immersion experience. I have learned that caffeine is a powerful substance and definitely has its uses but is not a good thing to become addicted to. I think that I will probably start drinking Pepsi again because I miss the taste of it and I definitely miss chocolate. Life on a diet really sucks and I really disliked preventing myself from having the kind of food that I want. I will make myself one promise though, I will not let it get so bad that I drink a case of pop in a few days.

New and Improved

The journey is nearly over now and I believe that I have noticed a few benefits to having done this. I used to have a lot of trouble sleeping, I would lay awake at night for at least an hour or so trying to fall asleep but unable to. Now when I lay down I'm out within minutes. I'm guessing this is because I no longer have caffeine in me preventing me from sleeping. But other than that I feel generally about the same as when I drank alot of Pepsi. I didn't know what to expect but I am just glad that the withdraw is over.


It have been asked a few times why I am doing this immersion experience. People tend to assume that I am doing this for Lent and are surprised that what I am doing has nothing to do with it at all. In fact, I had no idea that Lent was even going on right now. I am a bad Christian, I know. But maybe I should just tell people that I am doing this for Lent, they will never know.

The Friends

You know, my friends have been a very big help in getting me through all this. There have been times when I wanted to break and get a candy bar or Pepsi... And those times were met with a swift smack upside the head. It has definitely been a long road but im glad that I went through it. What have you given up lately?

Friday, March 23, 2012

I Haz a Ponder

So, the 30 day immersion experience is ending relatively soon. It shall be about 5 days until the caffeine free period ends and the decision will be upon me. Do I keep  my caffeine free diet or do I run back into the carbonated arms of Pepsi? Maybe I should accept caffeine but limit myself. But is that even possible? What do all of you thinks? Gives me some suggestifications here.

Speaking of Fathers

My father usually buys me a few things during my school year at college. He gets me a 24 case of Pepsi, and the largest bag of candy bars that he can find on sale. I neglected to mention to him that I had quit drinking and otherwise consuming caffeine. So rather than break his little heart and tell him that I don't want the presents that he had purchased for me I went ahead and took them. They now sit on the floor in my room in quiet melancholy waiting to be consumed. I haven't made up my mind yet as to whether or not I will go back to consuming caffeine.

But Why Pepsi?

So here is a story for you. When I was young, like very young, my father worked in a factory and he took his lunch with him everyday. When he came home from work I figured out very quickly that in his lunch box there would be two things: a candy bar and a Pepsi. And it became an everyday ritual that my father would come home at 2:30 and I would sneak into his lunch box and eat the candy bar then chug the Pepsi. And that tradition never really stopped and evolved into what is currently my addiction to caffeine and chocolate.